Cities are now recognized as the most important laboratory for a successfully organized society, and ground zero for creative ambition. Los Angeles is an important hub with powerful symbolic value. Yet, it is often overlooked for the role it plays in the world both financially and culturally. We are hindered by a traditionally weak civic fabric. LA is a segmented urban network lacking a dynamic, engaged and representative leadership cadre. Furthermore, we have precious limited infrastructure to foster the rise of a new generation dedicated to a sustainable world-class metropolis.

There is glorious LA history to be built upon, and change is happening. This is the perfect time to promote a new kind of civic stewardship representative of today's Los Angeles – a region of unparalleled diversity, technology, entertainment, media, venture capital, environmental consciousness, and creative capital. Accomplishing this here would not only benefit our own community, but also have an impact far beyond our coast.

Future of Cities: Leading in LA is a civic initiative and project of Community Partners that aims to reinvigorate the involvement of civic leaders in creating a vibrant, cutting edge future for Los Angeles. Our goal is to marry vision, leadership and results to fulfill LA's ambitions and achieve our potential. 

We are activating this civic endeavor in new and creative ways, beginning with our first major summit on October 19, 2015. Our efforts combine academic study with public engagement, blending innovative collaborations and special events to bring together a cross section of accomplished civic, business, philanthropic, cultural and community leaders.

The Team:

Donna Bojarsky: Founder & President

Donna is a second generation Angeleno who believes deeply in the potential of her frontier hometown. She has dedicated her life to forms of advocacy and causes, having worked for Mayor Tom Bradley, President Bill Clinton and the Honorable Richard Katz. She has managed the philanthropy of Richard Dreyfuss and Norm Pattiz, and serves as contributing editor to Los Angeles magazine.  Founder of the New Leaders Project of the LA Jewish Federation, the Foreign Policy Roundtable and co-founder of LA Works, LA's premiere volunteer action center, Donna also serves as an appointee to California Volunteers (recently a recipient of the Trailblazer of Service Award) and the LA County Human Relations Commission.

Stephanie Edwards Avedon, Chief of Staff

Lisa Gluck, Communications Advisor

R. Chris Hershey, Founder, Hershey Cause

Shawn Landres, Senior Advisor

Tonya and Alf LaMont, Founders, LaMont Digital

Heather Mason, President, A Caspian Production